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    If you would like feedback on any of your talks/ideas for the conference please post them below…

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    MahanRishi Singh Khalsa

    Greetings to All
    It was great to meet everyone…I look forward to working together and creating something that is meaningful and fruitful

    Daniel, I’m wondering if there will be time for us to meet at the theater to take a look at the setup? I’m also wondering if it’s possible for the speakers to have a small table in the lobby to distribute literature about our projects?

    Thank-you for all of your good energy and efforts to bring this together
    Warmest regards

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    Hi Mahan – thanks for coming last night. Great to meet you.

    1. Yes, I will follow up with specifics regarding visiting the venue before the event for the setup

    2. There are tables available in the lobby, but they are currently reserved for paid sponsors to support the cost of the event. The tables are $250 each – they are 6 feet in length. If speakers want to collaborate and share tables they can buy into the sponsorship together.

    3. The speakers are able to include literature in the workbook – if you have more than the one-pager we can include that in the end of the workbook.

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