Princeton Impact Project hosts a series of events throughout the course of the year. Workshops, meetups, conferences, and the occasional potluck (as we learned from the Princeton Rotary!) are ingredients for success.

Social Innovation Conference

Cooperative Impact is a social innovation conference in Princeton. Cooperative Impact is both an action you can be apart of, and it is also the name of a social innovation conference we started. We launched Cooperative Impact because we saw an unmet need in the Princeton community. The city is comprised of a number of people, organizations, and government offices working diligently to positively impact society. We all decided to come together and create Cooperative Impact to showcase the extraordinary work each sector is doing, and, more important perhaps, establish cross-sector relationships between unlikely partners.


We host open Meetups throughout the year to give you an opportunity to learn more about the work we do and to find out how you can get involved in your own unique way. Meetup topics range from skills-based digital media training to learning how to be an empathetic and engaged citizen to finding out new and unique methods for building business models that tackle social problems.

Princeton Learning Community

As part of our partnership with Action Horizon Institute, we host one meetup per month dedicated to their self-directed learning community.

Resources specifically for social entrepreneurs.

What is a social entrepreneur?

Knowledge Base

Social entrepreneur resources, tools, definitions, and everything else we could find.

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The Pipeline

Social innovation training and education happens through our partner, Action Horizon Institute.

Hands-on, project-based, and self-directed learning that teaches you how to solve problems that matter.


Ask mentors, advisors, and community members for feedback on social entrepreneurial projects.

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Conference & Meetup


Free domain and hosting to help you build your brand and showcase your impact portfolio.

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Impact Investors

Social enterprise ecosystems require investors who invest capital in impact.

Impact investors make it a priority to invest in social impact projects ahead of maximizing profits.