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    Cooperative Impact Conference Postcard FRONTSIDE

    Cooperative Impact Conference Postcard BACKSIDE

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    Looks great and covers all aspects of the conference and the coooerative impact effort in our communities.

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    I think you need to add on page 1 that space is limited, tickets must be purchased in advance–otherwise people will delay making a decision til the day of (I do this all the time…).

    Include link of where to buy tix
    Love the visuals

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    Thanks Manbir and James!

    OK – I will update the “space is limited” text.

    There is a website address on the frontside – people can buy tix there – do you think I should include verbiage like “buy tickets here:” ?

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    Yes, I think the link to buy tickets needs to be more obvious. The invitation to contact you will be too strenuous for most people. Great graphics — lively, clean, green. I like it.

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