The Princeton Impact Project hosts social entrepreneurship meetups. Topics range from idea generation to system design to civic hacking.

Join us if you would like to develop new relationships with people who are passionate about making a dent in the universe. Collaborate on various projects. We discovered that working together to help one another accomplish our individual goals has resulted in unmatched growth for all those involved.

We work cooperatively together, and we each become an asset to other members of the group. The ability to overcome monumental obstacles is possible with this type of organization.

The meetups are an inclusive space for community members, social entrepreneurs, impact investors, nonprofits, and government offices to develop cross-disciplinary relationships with one another. The group has been successful in creating an open forum for interested members of the community to continue a dialogue regarding the most effective methods for building solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.


If this is the first Princeton Impact Project meetup you have attended, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to the group during the beginning of the meeting. You will have a few minutes to discuss what you are working on or what you would like to be working on. You can also let us know if there are any obstacles you are currently running into in which other members of the group might be able to help with.

As the other members of the group will show you respect by listening to you, we kindly ask that you do the same. We do not interrupt one another. Basically, we are advocates of the “no assholes” rule. If you have an idea, or a piece of feedback for someone, please be mindful that your remarks are inline with the vision of the group. We have seen that the most effective method for having successful entry to the group is by investing your time in building relationships with the existing members. We are here to help you utilize the power of this group as a tool that drives social change.

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Social innovation training and education happens through our partner, Action Horizon Institute.

Hands-on, project-based, and self-directed learning that teaches you how to solve problems that matter.


Ask mentors, advisors, and community members for feedback on social entrepreneurial projects.

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Impact Investors

Social enterprise ecosystems require investors who invest capital in impact.

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