Stakeholder Email List

Stakeholders are the various members of society who come together to make up the whole.

Stakeholder email lists are conversational email chains between stakeholders.

  • your email address will always remain private unless you choose to participate in a conversation
  • feel free to tune-in to the conversations without any obligations

The purpose of this email list is to connect the different components of society (business, technology, government, and community).

How often would you like to receive updates?

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This conversation is meant to serve as a platform for constant discussion surrounding projects you are working on and value you are creating. You will receive:

  • stakeholders requesting help in the form advice, insight, service, or investments
  • notifications of upcoming meetups, events, hackathons, and conferences

Examples of conversations you may want to engage with: (1) you notice a person is experiencing a specific obstacle that you have the means to bring relief to, and (2) if there is an event coming up which would make sense for you to be apart of because of shared missions.


Meetups and workshops provide an easy-entry to the ecosystem for individuals seeking purpose, acquiring new skills, and finding where they “fit”.

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Hyperlocal Ecommerce

An online boutique to build, grow, and manage a business.

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Social Innovation Conference

A platform to enable cross-sector stakeholder collaboration.

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Get advice and insights from experienced social entrepreneurs, mentors, and impact investors.

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Postsecondary Education Program

Action Horizon Institute is a connected learning system that places an individual in the center of a personalized learning network.

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One central hub of information on social entrepreneurship ranging from books to read, articles to review, postsecondary programs available around the world, and financial resources available impact investors.

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