Princeton Impact Project: The vision of the Princeton Impact Project is to live in a world where community, technology, business, and government work cooperatively to cultivate a sustainable way of life. The purpose of the Princeton Impact Project is to contribute to this vision by developing a social enterprise ecosystem in the United States of America. We have started this process in Princeton, NJ.

In 2014, Daniel D’Alonzo developed the social enterprise methodology which is disrupting the way the world builds businesses. He is the founder of Princeton Impact Project.

I want my ideas to change the lives of people that use them. I want to wake up everyday and work on making things better. I want to be apart of a new and exciting community who feel the same as I do.


Meetups and workshops provide an easy-entry to the ecosystem for individuals seeking purpose, acquiring new skills, and finding where they “fit”.

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Hyperlocal Ecommerce

An online boutique to build, grow, and manage a business.

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Social Innovation Conference

A platform to enable cross-sector stakeholder collaboration.

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Get advice and insights from experienced social entrepreneurs, mentors, and impact investors.

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Postsecondary Education Program

Action Horizon Institute is a connected learning system that places an individual in the center of a personalized learning network.

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One central hub of information on social entrepreneurship ranging from books to read, articles to review, postsecondary programs available around the world, and financial resources available impact investors.

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